Subtitling and Closed Caption

The rise of OTT platforms such as Netflix has made available more content for online consumption. AM Interpretiv provides subtitling and closed caption services in many language pairs, e. g. English to Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, Arabic, French, Spanish, Indian languages and other language pairs upon request. Our resources have serviced clients like Netflix, Fox, HBO, NatGeo, Al Jazeera etc.

The media industry is not the only beneficiary of our excellent subtitling and closed caption service. More and more MNCs and SMEs are engaging AM Interpretiv to provide corporate video subtitling and/or transcription for a variety of purposes i.e. safety training video, annual convention, business presentation and proposal pitches.

You may choose from a range of service options: Dialogue transcription, timestamp, dialogue list, subtitling and closed captions.

Our Process

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Receive work order


Check video and script


Distribute to subtitler


Subtitler delivers the work


First check by


Return file to
subtitler for editing


Final check by
editorial team


Submit work
order/file to client