Affiliate Program

What is the AM Interpretiv Affiliate Program

Online affiliate marketing is a simple and cost-effective marketing model where you can recommend clients and earn commissions on sales from clients who purchase products and services from AM Interpretiv.

How much revenue can I earn as an AM Interpretiv Affiliate?

Your commissions will be based on 2 service categories, 2% for interpreting and 4% for translation for any language. So, depending on the services recommended, you will earn either 2% or 4% on the total net purchase made by a client who came to us through you.

Can anyone join the AM Interpretiv Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is open to anyone.

How do I get in touch to recommend a client?

Email us at to introduce the client with their contact information and we’ll do the rest!

Can I join if I’m participating in another affiliate program?

There are no restrictions when participating with our program. You are free to continue to participate with other programs.

Can I participate from outside of Malaysia?

The AM Interpretiv Affiliate Program is a worldwide program open to all.

When do I get paid?

Affiliate commissions are paid out after 60 days of project completion, on the 25th of the month. If, during the 60 days’ pay period before a commission is paid out, the originating purchase is refunded, revoked, or removed in any way, we reserve the right to revoke the affiliate commission on that purchase.

How many times do I get paid for the same client referred?

You will receive a one-time commission payment for the first project completed for the referred client. Subsequent projects (if any) with the same client will not generate another commission pay out.

What form of payment will I receive?

All affiliate commissions are paid out via PayPal or wire transfer, and require a RM50 minimum balance.

Who should I contact if I have questions

Please email info@am-interpretiv.comwith any questions or concerns.

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