SIS Equipment Rental

We provide both wireless infrared systems (IR) and radio frequency systems (RF) to cater to your specific simultaneous interpretation equipment rental needs. If your event involves highly confidential communication and a large number of languages in an indoor setting, our infrared systems will be an effective solution to your needs. Our up-to-date radio frequency systems also ensure smooth transmission and mobility, with wide transmission coverage.​

Some of the simultaneous interpretation equipment that we provide in Malaysia are, Bosch Integrus digital infra-red receivers and digital transmitter, infrared transmitters, infrared radiators, FM receivers and transmitters, Bosch DCN-IDESK interpreter’s desk c/w headphones, central control unit, conference microphone and ISO compliance Audi pack soundproof interpreter booth.

About Bosch Integrus
By using a higher frequency band (2 to 6 MHz), the Bosch Integrus System operates way beyond the reach of all types of hall lighting. Furthermore, a much higher signal/noise ratio, plus in-built error correction, gives a crystal clear signal throughout the venue. This loss-free transmission means sound comes out exactly as it goes in, which improves speech intelligibility and therefore leads to greater listening comfort.

All system components are easy to interconnect and configure. The transmitter is hardwired to infrared radiators, which can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or a floor stand through an optional bracket.

why choose BOSCH?
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  • Provides superior digital audio quality through advanced technology
  • Eliminates the interference from lighting that operates with high frequencies
  • Allows delegates to move around freely with the use of the sleek, lightweight, and portable receivers
  • Supports a maximum of 32 audio channels, making it ideal for covering even the largest international conferences
  • Offers user-friendly channel selection by automatically eliminating the unused channels
  • Provides high flexibility and easy interfacing with DCN and other congress systems
  • Enables distributing interpretations to multiple rooms through separate (slave) transmitters

other Equipment

Among the equipment we provide are:

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