Interpreting is the facilitation of spoken or signed language communication between users of different languages. .

AM Interpretiv offers consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in all languages for all occasions. Be it personal or business meetings, seminars, workshops, training or conferences, we've got you covered. Our interpreters are native, trained and certified, and with our vast network of local vendors, AM Interpretiv is able to provide locally based interpreters, wherever your meeting takes you. Engage our interpreters now to enhance your business communications.

AM Interpretiv has had the privilege of providing interpretation services in Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Hindi etc. to esteemed organizations such as the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the US Embassy in Malaysia, the British High Commission Malaysia, Herbalife Nutrition Ltd, Amway and Pfizer Plc.

Types of Interpreting

Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting means that the interpreters, speakers and the audience are not in the same place. Either the speakers and interpreters are in the same place but the audience are virtual or all interpreters, speakers and audience are virtual.

We’ll manage the interpreters and the medium for the virtual session for example Zoom, Interprefy etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Requires the linguist to convey the message into the target language at the same time as the speaker is talking.

As little to no delay between the speaker’s speech and interpretation is permitted, simultaneous interpreters are often required to work in a team of two, taking turns to perform every 30 minutes or so.

The facilitation of simultaneous interpreting requires the use of professional simultaneous interpreting equipment, including microphones, transmitters, receivers and interpreting booths.

Consecutive Interpreting

Most appropriate for smaller scale events or meetings. In consecutive interpreting, the message in conveyed into the target language when the speaker pauses after a few sentences.

The interpreter is allowed to take notes while the speaker is talking. To cater to a big group, the use of interpreting equipment is recommended.

Whisper Interpreting

Whispered Interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter whispers what the speaker is saying to the client in their mother tongue.

As a less formal means of interpreting, where no additional interpreting equipment is required, this is best suited for more intimate and private, such as business negotiations, on-site visits and small meetings, especially when the linguist only needs to interpret for one or two people.

Remote Interpreting

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) consist of simultaneous interpretation which conducted virtually utilizing 3rd party platforms like Zoom, Interprefy, Webex etc. Simultaneous interpretation is conducted in real-time and in tempo with the original speaker.

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)
Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) conducted in simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. It is usually conducted in video conference setting and suitable for a small meeting or remote interviews.

Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI
Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) conducted in consecutive interpretation. It is a less formal setting and suitable for patient interviews at the hospitals, immigration / law enforcement interviews etc.

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