Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Written by AM Interpretiv    |    March 23    |    2 minutes read

Simultaneous Interpretation is traditionally done in a setting where all the parties involved are present in the same physical location. However, technological advancements have brought forth a more innovative way of conducting interpretation, remotely.

Remote interpretation allows all participants to meet and conduct conferences, training and events online or via conference call, no matter where they are.

Why Use RSI For Your Training Or Conference?

1. Conference attendees can comfortably listen to simultaneous interpretation ontheir smartphones connected to WiFi or mobile data, via an app.

2. Saving of space and reduction of conference interpretation costs as booths and transfers of interpreters are not required.

3. There is no limit to the number of break rooms and languages that can be added, even at short notice. Instead, interpreting is provided without interruption to those who need it, when they need it, and on their own electronic devices.

4. By using remote simultaneous interpretation services, significant cost savings are achieved compared to traditional simultaneous interpretation services without sacrificing the quality ofinterpretation.

How Does RSI Work?

RSI connects conference and web meeting participants with interpreters in remote locations through a professional platform. The RSI platform connects attendees to a conference or web meeting as follows:

1. A presenter or participant in a web meeting speaks only one language. The audio and video are transmitted to the remote interpreter.

2. The remote interpreter sees and listens to participants in a conference or web meeting on their computer. He then interprets what is said and the speech is produced in a different language.

3. A participant in a conference does not understand the language of the speaker. Instead, he uses his smartphone or computer application to listen to everything in his own native language. Simultaneous interpreting is transmitted live without delay or loss of quality. The participant will hear everything as if the interpreter were in the same room next to him.

But Where Does RSI Apply?

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